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DeMarus Perry

Hi! I’m DeMarus. I’m a full-stack digital marketer, AI consultant, and WordPress web designer. I have more than 13 years of experience in digital marketing and 10 years of experience in e-commerce and web design. I enjoy working with all kinds of clients and I specialize in WordPress.

I love talking to people with exciting ideas that will challenge me to learn new things and expand my skills in directions I have yet to venture into. Got a cool idea? Let’s chat!


A showcase of my work

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects for a lot of different clients. Here are just a few of the most recent websites I’ve built and worked on.


What I'm good at

Over the years, through working with various clients, I’ve had the opportunity to develop various attributes and skillsets. For some clients I was exclusively their web designer, for others I wore multiple hats.

Here are a few of the things I gotten good at over the years:





Web design

Digital Marketing Strategy


I work with cool companies

I love working with cool companies who have cool ideas! One of the best parts of working with so many different brands from such diverse backgrounds is that I’ve learned what aesthetics appeal to different audiences. From Agricultual Software to Fashion to the auto industry, I’ve been able to dabble in multiple industries.

Mimi G. Style

Topaz Technologies

Solentra Global

Red River Software

CBT News


Greenstone Systems

Proceres Solutions


That’s how I work

Let’s face it, the internet has completely changed the way the world works. If you’re not getting enough conversions, chances are that you’re in need of more than just a facelift to your website. My goal is to help you uncover where you’re missing opportunities online and how to pivot so that you can begin to take advantage of, and profit on those missed opportunities!

Defining the problem

The first step is to define your actual needs versus wants. What is the actual problem that we need to address? Is it just an aesthetic issue or a functionality issue? Are you not getting enough traffic or is there enough traffic, but you need help with conversions?

Conduct the research

Once the key issues are identified, now the focus becomes researching the most effective and efficent way to a solution. Creating our roadmap if you will. My goal at this stage is to gain a really clear understanding of what success at the finish line means to you and your brand.

Basic sketches

At this point, I begin mocking up the new aesthetic. I literrally start with rough sketches before moving into Phohoshop to create the mockups. The mockups are important becuase they let you know what to expect before a single line of code is written.

Design & development

This stage is where the magic happens! Now that we have a solid plan of action and we know what it’s gonna look like, it’s time to make stuff clickable lol! This is one of my favorite steps because it’s at this point that the vision becomes reality.

Final discussion

Before anything goes live, we reconvene to make sure that the reality of your vision is all that you dreamt is would be. This is where we cross the T’s & dot the I’s.

Product launch

Now it’s time to share your baby with the world! At this point when you’re ready to launch, I’ll be there to keep an eye on things to ensure everything is flowing smoothly. As we all know, with technology virtually anything is possible, so I’ll be there in case any unexpected hiccups arise.


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